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December 29, 2010
Video: Gmail and Facebook Available to Deaf Young People
Video: Gmail and Facebook Available to Deaf Young People

This month all of the 12 deaf and hearing impaired participants of “The Internet: Equal Opportunities of Communication for the Deaf” course studied how to create an e-mail address and an individual page on social websites with great enthusiasm. During practical classes each of them created his/her e-mail address on Gmail, then personal account on Facebook.

At the initiative of the participants also an open page entitled “The Voice of Silence” was created on Facebook. The page will represent issues and events regarding the deaf community in Armenia, as well as via different means will attract attention of the public towards the world of the deaf thus promoting establishment of equal communication opportunities. More about this project you can find here.

Video with no comment reflects the above mentioned course. Click and listen the voice of silence.

Photo by Anahit Hayrapetyan

Video by Karine Simonyan

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