February 28, 2013
Migration to homeland: A Story of a Syrian Armenian family
Syrian rebels and fights for over 2 years are the main reasons, which made hundreds of Armenian families, leave their birthplace and move to their native country. One of these families was the family of Manoukyans. The family's father 50 year-old Hrach Manoukyan, leaving behind his home and all the earnings that he gained during his lifetime: a restaurant at the Mediterranean coast and a small... More...
February 6, 2012
Photo by Tatevik Vardanyan
Blue eyes, lined attractive feature, white hair and a calm voice - “Take as much photos as you want, I don’t mind and I'm not in hurry”. The first day with my camera in street and the first portrait I took. I was afraid of everyone and everyone was afraid of me. I got complex to look through my... More...
July 6, 2011
Plank Yourself but Watch It: Planking Reinforces its Horizontal Positions In Armenia
From now onwards the lovers of extreme sports have the opportunity to try a new developing sports in Armenia called Planking. During Planking one should lie in horizontal position on an extraordinary places and maintain the state for a few time. The extreme sport,originating from Britain was formed... More...
January 7, 2011
Avoid Stress: Dissemination of Neurosis Reaching Incredible Numbers
For already 8 years, Lilit, 27, is ill with a disease called ‘nuerosis’ but she learnt about it only a few months ago when, finally, realized that her symptoms are not of a temporary character and need medical intervention. “At first I got a prickling in my chest, my breathing worsened, hands... More...
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