Children of “Fountains” Dreaming of a Good Future /photo story/

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The “Fountains” district in Gyumri was founded after the “Spitak’s earthquake” in 1988. The symbol of this district is a big black fountain, which stopped working long ago. Dozens of little domics (temporary buildings) are spread along the vast space. Most of them are in terrible living conditions. Generations changed, not the conditions. Families were formed, children were born in these domics, some of them with no hope for a better future.

Children of the “Fountains” have quite different understanding of life. They didn’t see anything outside of their district. Some of them go to schools or kindergartens though they spend their time mainly in the “Fountains”. Poorness is not the only factor of their worldview, they are much affected also by their parents. Bad conditions made them lose their hopes, and wait for someone’s help. They bring up their children with the same ideology.

The photo story represents the thoughts of little children who do not live in favourable conditions today but dream of a good life in the future.  

Photo story by Sona Simonyan 

Music "Forgotten World" by Tigran Hamasyan