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September 13, 2011
Robert Parsons Believes Polarization of the Society the Main Problem of Georgian Media
Robert Parsons Believes Polarization of the Society the Main Problem of Georgian Media

Main problem for Georgian media is the polarization of the society, director general of the Russian-language TV-channel 'First Caucasus Information' (PIK) Robert Parsons told Tabula magazine.  The interview was published by the magazine in September 12 issue.  Parsons believes Georgian media either pro, or anti-governmental.

"Everyone sees very well what's going on Rustavi 2 and on Maestro and Kavkasia.  Reports on the same issue are so different on those channels that it's hard to know they are covering the same theme," Parsons said and stressed that the main problem for Georgian journalists, not depending on which channel they work for, is that they are under the influence of editorial line.  "What you have today is a complete absurd; this is not real information.  This is just continuous provision of one or another type of propaganda to the society," Parsons stressed.

PIK director general believes that the government has done everything possible for adopting adequate legislation and now for media development it is necessary for the government not to interfere with editorial decisions.  Parsons claims that current Georgian TV-channels are "media dinosaurs."  "I am sure they will extinct soon," he said and expressed hope that soon much more unbiased and responsible media outlets will come.

Parsons told Tabula that he plans to leave Georgia this December and to continue working for France 24 TV.



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