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March 28, 2011
Youth Holds Action-Performance against Low-Grade TV-Shows
Youth Holds Action-Performance against Low-Grade TV-Shows

In the very center of Tbilisi a group of up to 30 young people held an action-performance against "low-grade" TV-shows.

At Shota Rustaveli monument the rally organizers placed a dummy TV set featuring a radiation symbol on the screen. On a piece of paper anyone had a possibility to write the name of the program they disliked and place it into the "TV set".

According to the organizers Georgian TV space is filled with low-grade programs which distorts viewers minds and thinking. Through naming the irritating programs they took the "rubbish" back to "TV". The slogan of the rally read as follows: "Don't litter us!" As a part of the performance the participants washed the pieces of cloth portraying human brain.

The idea of the performance comes from Facebook members. The goal was to express protest against low-grade shows in Georgian TV-media in an unordinary way and support the production of TV programming based on the respect for human rights.

"Through this performance we wanted to tell the authors of TV programs that the criticism voiced against them on social networks belongs to real people. On the other hand we urged Facebook users to show discontent in real life instead of virtual space," said Lasha Kvantaliani, co-organizer who refrained to name any specific TV program. 


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