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September 9, 2011
Two Companies Competing for Radio Broadcast Right in Tbilisi
Two Companies Competing for Radio Broadcast Right in Tbilisi

Media House Decom Ltd. and regional radio company Hereti (Lagodekhi) are competing for receiving the license for private radio broadcast in Tbilisi.

Final results of the tender announced by the Georgian National Commission for Communications will be known September 30 2011.  The winner company will air in Tbilisi at FM 98.  The tender bids from participants were opened at the GNCC on September 2 and according to the Commission the information is available for all the interested.  According to the Commission the documentation provided by the Media House Decon was not complete so, according to the law, the company has been given 5 working days to make necessary corrections.

According to the tender bids radio Hereti plans to start practical work November 2011 and the Media House Decom Ltd plans to launch Radio Hot Chocolate in March 2012.



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