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July 13, 2011
Georgian Newspapers Support Detained Photoreporters
Georgian Newspapers Support Detained Photoreporters

The Alia and Resonance newspapers have responded to detained photo reporter Giorgi Abdaladze’s appeal.

The newspapers made a black inscription on photos of officials in the newspaper. The inscription says ‘here should have been photos, though the photo reporters are detained’.

The Alia Holding released an address of detained Giorgi Abdaladze to media outlets and journalists yesterday: “First of all I want to thank you for the support the media outlets and journalists. I learn about it with the help of lawyers and radio and it gives me strength. I reiterate that I will not surrender to this unlawfulness. I address all photo reporters and all the editions in Georgia and abroad, who believe in our innocence. Put a black cube on the faces of the high rank officials proclaiming “Here must be a photo but photo reporters are detained”. 


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