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Ani Gabrielyan
July 7, 2011
BookCrossing: Yerevan Joined to BookCrossing Public Movement
By Ani Gabrielyan
JNews intern
BookCrossing: Yerevan Joined to BookCrossing Public Movement

The movement of BookCrossing starts to activate in Armenia due to efforts of 21-year-old Arman Ghazaryan and Inessa Sagheyan. On Sunday the first BookCrossing took place in Armenia at Cascade Park, during which the participants exchanged books they brought with them.

This kind of reading movement has a history of ten years. In July 2007 Singapore became the first official BookCrossing country in the world. According to the rule of BookCrossing the book studied must be left in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then should do the same. As a result of this movement, according to the ancestor of BookCrossing, specialist of the Internet technology Ron Hornbaker, the world will turn into a huge library.

 “We want to activate BookCrossing in Armenia. It starts in little cities and turns into a global movement,” says Arman.

16-year-old Syune Sargsyan is one of the participants in Yerevan. She brought “Goncharov” and exchanged it with “Federico Fellini”.

Syune thinks that this way reading becomes a play. “I have a weakness for books. I like reading very much. I could not  miss such an opportunity: Passing my favorite book and receiving another good one, is a great pleasure for me."

"It turned out that all of my favorite books are from the library, I just could not bring them. I had “Goncharov” at home, which, to be honest, I’ve never read," says Syune.


The participants of BookCrossing contact with each other through the "Facebook" social network. Arman Ghazaryan mentioned that the movement was launched earlier and there are many books in circulation, which are being discussed through "Facebook".

The friar of Holy Etchmiadzin Vardan deacon Aslanyan takes part in this movement. For exchange he has brought the "Holy Bible" - his most favorite book, but not his personal copy. The Bible was replaced by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

"I like reading books of different genres, but my favorite book as a reader, Christian or as a priest, is certainly the “Holy Bible". If there were a chance, I would give Bibles to everyone today, but unfortunately I can give to only one person," says Vardan deacon Aslanyan.

The participants promised to return the exchanged books during the next BookCrossing movement.

And although there were no so many participants for this event, Arman Ghazaryan  promised to make BookCrossing Armenia  continuous.

“To tell the truth, we expected more than 600 people to be present (according to wishes in Facebook), but maybe some people just were not able to come. We don’t complain, it was the first time, no one did it before. I think next time people will be more active,” Arman noted.



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