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July 6, 2011
Plank Yourself but Watch It: Planking Reinforces its Horizontal Positions In Armenia
By Emma Hovhannisyan
JNews intern
Plank Yourself but Watch It: Planking Reinforces its Horizontal Positions In Armenia

From now onwards the lovers of extreme sports have the opportunity to try a new developing sports in Armenia called Planking.

During Planking one should lie in horizontal position on an extraordinary places and maintain the state for a few time.

The extreme sport,originating from Britain was formed in Armenia lately and we already have  Armenian Planking Federation.

According to Varazdat Ghazaryan, the initiator-founder of the federation, planking gives an opportunity to make life more colourful and joyful. "Our life is so dull and dark: with this initiation we try to make our life more interesting. Our goal is to teach people to smile," says Ghazaryan.

People at any age can join the federation.One should have photo lying in horizontal position on a strange place and send the photo to the federation or post it in the wall of the Facebook page of the federation. The  oldest member of the group is 50-year-old Narine Mouradyan.


The federation faces positive and negative commentations, though the group is not against healthy critisizm.

For instance, Ani Gabrielyan, 20-year-old student has a negative approach to the sport and thinks it is illogical and may risk one’s life. In Australia a 20-year-old youth died in an unsuccessful try of planking in balcony.

The Armenian Planking Federation is not responsible for the safety of participiants and calles on not to risk life for planking. "During hard work planking is a chance to relax," says Eduard Levanyan, one of the group activists, who also faced a life-treatening situation during his experience. "First one tries on a smooth place after starts to search more risky places for planking oneself," he mentions.

Initiating the federation V. Ghazaryan feared the society won’t accept the sport easily but things went in other way. "Day by day new members and new plank photos are engaged in the group," he assures. 



Image Source: Armenian Planking Federation

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