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June 24, 2011
Georgian TV Sues American Movie
Georgian TV Sues American Movie

Gori TV-Radio Company 'Trialeti', broadcasting in Shida Kartli region appeals in court for abuse of dignity and business reputation against the creators of the motion picture '5 Days of War' - director Renny Harlin, producers Papuna Davidaia and Koba Nakopia.  This was announced by the TV Company June 23, claiming that there is untruthful information in the movie.

In one of the episodes of the movie broadly advertised in Georgia foreign journalists attempt to bring video-footage to a TV Company, but they see locked gates.  Logo of the TV Company can also be identified in the episode.  This was the episode 'Trialeti' is protesting against.

'Trialeti' founder Badri Nanetashvili claims that during the military activities the TV Company has not been closed for a second.  There was an international media-centre in the TV Company building and local journalists, who were expecting bombing, left the building the last.  Nanetashvili believes the appearance of such episode in the movie to be an execution of a political order by the director and deliberate discrimination of the TV Company.  Nanetashvili believes the government continues putting pressure on "Trialeti."

One of the producers of the movie, member of the parliamentary majority Koba Nakopia, who has funded the movie, claims the accusations by 'Trialeti' to be absurd.  According to him, it is well known that during the days of war not just the TV Company, but also no other organizations worked in Gori and the director has reflected everything according to the screenplay.  Nakopia categorically excludes any political context in the given case.

Motion picture '5 Days of War' has been showing in the Gori movie-theatre 'Gamarjveba' for already two weeks; the given movie-theatre is owned by the TV-Company founders.  The movie is still being shown as there is a coinciding contract.  The TV-Radio Company 'Trialeti' will sue the motion picture creators during the nearest days.


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