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June 16, 2011
No more NTV+ in Georgia
No more NTV+ in Georgia

Following the June 10 order issued by the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) all of the cable companies operating in Georgia, whose number tops 90, have been demanded to quit the rebroadcasting of Russian channels such as „НТВ+ премьера", „НТВ+ кино клуб" and „НТВ+ кино хит."

According to the same order providers shall submit to GNCC the notarized copies of the documents certifying the right to conduct broadcasting on the territory of Georgia.

The order was based on the statement by Super TV cable company. The latter is accusing its competitors of the illegal transit of the aforementioned Russian channels. The complainant company itself, which entered the Tbilisi cable broadcasting market in January 2011, is offering users up to 40 channels with the exclusion of NTV package due to no right to do so.

The Silknet communications company whose interactive television SILK TV enjoys 14,000 subscribers has already replaced NTV channels with Video on Demand. The novelty was introduced to the public by Ramaz Kukuladze, Deputy Director General speaking at the June 15 press conference. Video on Demand includes up to 400 Georgian and foreign movies. And every Friday five new entries will be added to the collection.

NTV channels enjoy popularity in Georgia, cable providers do confirm that. Georgian company Global Media Group (GMG) is being considered as its alternative. The latter offers the viewers seven channels including football, sport, sport+, TV story, movie gourmet, movie Hollywood, and kid's channel.



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