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June 14, 2011
Georgian Newspapers Support MediaPalitra
Georgian Newspapers Support MediaPalitra

On Monday, June 13 majority of Georgian newspapers printed large "Solidarity to MediaPalitra!" on the front page. Through this action, initiated by Media Advocacy Coalition, the newspapers responded to the audit inspection being underway in MediaPalitra. Both Tbilisi-based and regional newspapers, as well as the Liberal and Rating magazines took part in the solidarity rally.

In its Monday edition the Georgian Weekly Kviris Palitra belonging to the MediaPalitra group of companies dedicated its front page to the Thank You for Solidarity line to show its gratitude to the rally participants.

On June 10 Media Advocacy Coalition released a statement showing its concern about concurrent stock-taking being on at four enterprises within the holding and the financial audit to be carried out in six enterprises which ultimately resulted into the delay with the publication of MediaPalitra newspapers and magazines.

The Coalition thinks the Revenue Service's audit may be connected to Palitra's critical news coverage of the May 26 violent police crack-down on protestors in Rustaveli Avenue.

According to the statement by the Revenue Service planned inventory, which is "a short-term and simple process" is underway in Media Pulitra. The scheduled material-commodity inventory in 3 enterprises of MediaPalitra has already completed.

MediaPalitra is an independent holding in the Georgian market. It embraces several newspapers and magazines, press distribution companies, radio channel, news agency and online television.


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