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May 16, 2011
Hraparak Daily: “Sashik Sargsyan Attacked Our Journalist”
Hraparak Daily: “Sashik Sargsyan Attacked Our Journalist”
NA parliamentarian Sashik Sargsyan

Journalists' work in the RA Parliament is becoming more and more dangerous because of some MPs' behavior. MP Sashik Sargsyan who considers himself untouchable as president Serzh Sargsyan's brother, attacked journalist Marine Kharatyan for the “Hraparak” daily. Meeting the MP in the corridor of the National Assembly the journalist approached him and asked whether he would run for the upcoming parliamentary elections or not. Sargsyan violently took the recorder and turned it off by pressing all the buttons.

The journalist tried to explain that it is supposed that an MP should be asked questions in parliament, however Sargsyan started to insult and swear her. When the journalist told him to behave properly, Sargsyan attempted to attack her in the corridor of parliament near the library.  

An NA employee who witnessed the event managed to prevent the attack. Galust Sahakyan, the incumbent ARP faction leader, didn't even try to chide his faction member attacking the journalist, perhaps fearing to tell a sour word about Serzh Sargsyan's brother.

Instead, when the journalist resented, Sahakyan turned to her and told indifferently that if the man does not want to be asked questions, don't do it. The reporter recorded the last part of the swearing, which is going to send the presidential office.


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