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February 6, 2012
The simple phrase changed my life
By Mary Sargsyan
The simple phrase changed my life
Marina Sargsyan

The story you're going to read doesn't differ much from other inspirational stories that we hear from almost everywhere; from our parents at home, teachers at school, lecturers and professors at university, from friends, from books or on the internet.

My story begins from a hot July day, when me, being an eleven-years-old girl, was going with my mom to get admission to one of the best step-dance-studios in Yerevan.

I had so much interest in that dance, watching step-concerts on TV, pretending dancing at home in front of the mirror, that, even having gone in for completely different dances like Armenian folk dances, latino for more than 5 years, I had a great desire to make this wish a reality.

Even to remember my fright, anxiety, and the responsibility I felt towards my mom, now brings a wide smile to my face.

The toughest selection finally passed, and I was not accepted to the group. The first loss for the eleven-years-old girl. In the evening, going back home, I was feeling broken, like my whole life was destroyed, I couldn't look at mom, the feeling of shame, disappointment was killing me.

On the way back home, on the public transport, the bus stopped at the bus stop, and there's a huge advertisement on the board;

''Nike: Just Do It ''.

The simple phrase off four simple words, this simple sentence changed a lot in me.

I decided not to stop!

I tried again after half a year, and this time I got that most-wanted place in the group.

After that, it has become an important slogan in my life, I repeat it every time, I'm about to go through something decisive, difficult or challenging in my life, being it an exam, or an important life decision. 

This article was one of the assignments at the Youth in the 21st Century: Debating and Producing Media Workshop organized by Open Society Foundations-Armenia, Open Society Foundations Youth Program and IDEA (International Debate Education Association) from Jan 26 to Feb 6, 2012 at Aghveran. The writer was one of the participants at the workshop.


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