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January 20, 2013
The Studies Done by Journalists for the Future in 2012
The Studies Done by Journalists for the Future in 2012

The developing of online media is becoming one of the most important questions in any country. More than one third of Armenian population now uses the Internet and this means that the Armenian content, the Internet contains, will have great importance in the course of time and it will influence on the opinion and position of any citizan of Republic of Armenia. By saying content we mean the available information in the Internet that is closely connected with Armenia and Armenians, no matter whether it is Armenian or a foreign language.

In 2012 “Journalists for the Future” NGO organized two experimental studies for the tendency of the content in the Armenian sphere of the Internet and for understanding the existing problems. Such kinds of studies have never been organized before.

One of the studied is “Monitoring of Armenian Online Media Coverage of May 6, 2012 Elections to RA National Assembly” which had the aim to establish the process of work done by online media during the elections that is during pre-elections 3 months and post-elections 2 weeks (from February 6 up to May 20, overall 105 days). A monitoring like this was conducted for the first time in Armenia during the elections.

The online version in English is available here: Monitoring of Armenian Online Media Coverage of May 6, 2012 Elections to RA National Assembly. The Armenian version is availabel here.

The second study is “Developing the Armenian Content on the Internet”. The spheres that can influence on the Armenian online content and its further influence on increasing the share of internal traffic have been discussed here. In this report the staff of JFF tried to represent the present situation of the Armenian online content pointing more urgent problems and the ways of overcoming them.

The online version of this study available only in Armenian

The studies were conducted with the financial support of “Open Society Foundations – Armenia”. The expressed opinions are the ones of authors and it is not obligatory to correspond with the opinions of “Open Society Foundations – Armenia”.

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