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April 2, 2013
Armenology: The Way of Life for Iranian
By Marine Meliksetyan
JNews intern
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41-year-old armenologist Mohammad Malek-Mohammadi is teaching Armenian students Persian more than two years. He came to Armenia from the city Esfahan in Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of interstates agreements and lives in Yerevan with his wife and daughter.

Mohammad learned Armenian in both countries in Iran and in Armenia. But Master's and PhD Associate Professor's degree he has got in Armenia studying in Yerevan State University.

"My hometown has been the state Chalmahal. In accursed times Armenians moved Persia and lived mostly in Chalmahal. From my childhood I've been interested in Armenians, in their life, I've read fairtales in which some parts were about Armenians. And finally I chose armenology as the way of my life", says Mohammad.

Now he is teaching Persian in Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov and in Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University. He has about 300 students who are studying Persian as the second and the third language.

Mohammad mentions that, unfortunately, nowadays many youngsters are not interested in science.

"It depends on students. If they study hard they can become good specialists having their investment in Armenian-Persian relationships", says Iranian armenologist.

The aim of learning Persian is that the relationships between two countries are developing day by day and Armenia needs good translators, good specialists, iranologists to cooperate in different fields i.e. political, economical, cultural, to study the history, culture of Iran and to make comparative research. 


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