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February 26, 2013
Czech's impression on Armenia
By Diana Torosyan
Czech's impression on Armenia
Hana Křížková, Czech volunteer in Armenia

"The biggest treasure of Armenia is its nature," says 22-year-old Hana Křížková who is Czech by nationality. She is a member of Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia and works in Naregatsi Art Institute.

The first moment when she stood in Armenian ground was September 24, 2012. The reason of coming to Armenia was to face to some different culture. The idea of coming to this country wasn't hers but of "United Games of Nations" as the previous volunteers who saw Armenia "fell in love with it".

"The first impression though wasn't so good because of the situation that happened to me: the organization that sent me to Armenia forgot me at the airport and I didn't know where to go and what to do," she says.

"I was sitting in front of the airport for three hours and the flat where I supposed to live instead of Slovakian volunteers I met a group of drunk men but fortunately things started to be better".

Later when she got to know Armenians better she was amazed by their hospitality.

"I wouldn't like to say Czech are not hospitable but they don't care about foreigners as much as Armenians do, we are able to help them but in Armenia the help includes food, drinks, entertainment and they sometimes help with asylum".

Hana called Armenians proud people, proud of their history, country, heroes, and families. Adding that in moment when Czech people make jokes Armenians sing songs about beauties of their country.

"I really love trips to Armenian nature. The same place looks every time different and I am able to spend hours just watching the landscape with the Sevan Lake and mountains behind. It brings a kind of harmony and peace to my soul. What I don't like? Well it is probably "marshrutka"(city minibuses) because I am too tall to travel by them".

Concerning to Armenian presidential elections Hana said. "I wish to Armenians to have president who will be worth to represent this country and will not be shame for you. In Czech we have had presidential elections last month and now I seeking a country to emigrate". 


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