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About us
January 15, 2011
A Gateway to Journalists for the Future NGO
A Gateway to Journalists for the Future NGO

Since the first days of its foundation, 2007, the "Journalists for the Future" NGO or JFF has been actively engaged in activities and initiatives in the fields of journalism, media, data analysis, copyright issue, IT security and alternative media education in Armenia.

JFF hold media-related trainings and implement research activities, publish specialized books and create experimental news platforms and come up with various public initiatives.

Vision: Sustainable Communication Network for Everyone 

JFF believes that a sustainable and secure future is possible in case everyone has the opportunity to communicate to any other. And here we go and try to contribute to the increase of users of online resources and formation of news literacy.

Years of Achievement 

Looking back at the past 11 years of our activities, we can confidently state: we always have followed our mission, and the knowledge as well as experience gained via self-education, practices and academic programs have shared with our Armenian colleagues, journalists, students, lecturers and CSO representatives, by implementing various initiatives. Over these years, with the support of small grants, we have organized dozens of events, attended by about 4,000 people. Our organization succeeded in creating a small library of JFF's books and studies, which can be accessed also online.


Many people call us JNews instead of JFF, since for many years our team have been doing media and advocacy activities via website, which was launched by JFF in 2008. It is a media support platform where we cover issues on media, freedom of speech, journalism and internet legislation posting also literacy and training information aimed to improve the professional skills of the media community. Moreover, it is a favorite platform also for the students since it enables them to publish their first stories in one of the website's sections entitled "Student's Eye". 

All our stories and researches published in the past are still in demand in the professional circles. This kind of repository has become possible thanks to the selfless work of the staff, partners and volunteers of the "Journalists for the Future". The website also contains media-related publications prepared by other media outlet.


A vivid proof on the productive activity of the "Journalists for the Future" NGO was a number of awards handed to the organization. In particular:

- In February 2012 the organization's "Internet: Equal Opportunity of Communication for the Hearing Impaired " project was officially selected as one of the 22 successful projects at the international "One World Social Innovation Competition".

- In September 2012 during the "Golden Key and Rusty Lock" awards ceremony, organized by the Freedom of Information Center, JFF was recognized as the most active and efficient organization in using its right to information. As a symbol of open and good job, the organization was awarded with a "Golden Key" and a certificate.

- In February 2013 at "Na/Ne" annual media competition, the first prize in the Citizen Report category was handed to one of the JFF reporters.

Our Recent Initiative

In 2016, JFF launched the website This is the first data-reporting platform in Armenia in the genre of explanatory journalism and data visualization, which covers key and widely discussed topics on socio-economic situation, market trends, political processes, as well as health, education, etc. During its one-year activity, Ampop Media was handed four winner awards on various topics.

In September 2017, was recognized as winner of the year in "Best Use of Media 3.0 Technology" nomination at the 2017 Tvapatum contest, organized by the Media Initiatives Center in Yerevan. 

Winner awards were handed also for the best stories on migration, labor rights and trafficking.

Click here and see a number of other initiatives organized by JFF.


The whole information of the website is free and open for all the visitors. 

You can follow us on Facebook Twitter.

Best regards,


Journalists for the Future NGO president

A Gateway to Journalists for the Future NGO

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