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December 14, 2011
Journalist Lali Moroshkina Sentenced to 15 Days in Prison for a Clash in Studio
Journalist Lali Moroshkina

On December 10 Georgian journalist Lali Moroshkina, charged with minor hooliganism, was sentenced to 15 days in prison by Tbilisi City Court.

The motive for the detention is the incident which took place in the course of recording the New Year’s edition of Imedi TV talk show Nanuka’s Show. Lali Moroshkina physically abused Tako Pkhakadze, Editor, Georgian newspaper Prime Time for being nominated as the most tastelessly dressed woman according to the opinion poll conducted by the newspaper.On the evening of December 9 Lali Moroshkina discussed the incident live on Kavkasia TV, when visiting David Akubardia’s program.

“I appeal to the law enforcement to accept my statement as a confession. I did beat Tako Pkhakadze. I prefer to be held responsible and stay behind bars to bearing the humiliation of my self-respect,” said Moroshkina.

The law enforcement arrested Moroshkina at 8 am, at his apartment, InterPressNews agency reported.

On December 10, the Prime Time editor Tako Pkhakadze held a press conference on December 10. Speaking at the press conference Tako Pkhakadze said she had been stabbed into her neck with a fork. She survived the physical confrontation with Lali Moroshkina only due the “fork being blunt.” She said it was an attempt of murder, incited by the opinion poll conducted by the newspaper Prime Time, to recognize the winners in various nominations. “Lali Moroshkina won the nomination of the “tasteless woman of the year” following the people’s decision, and that was a sufficient reason to her to try killing me”, Tako Pkhakadze said.

Tako Pkhakadze asserts Moroshkina was drunk and she had the attack against her planned beforehand.

“Later I watched the footage of the incident. The video clearly features Moroshkina standing and saying she would be found in all of the newscasts,” Pkhakadze said.


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